My top 10 gifts for Food Bloggers


As an avid gardener and lover of all pretty things the What You Sow online shop is the perfect combo! I’m not a fan of mainstream or high street shopping so this independent shop celebrating plants is a definite favourite of mine. The products are perfect for this time of year as there are so many gorgeous gifts! Here are my Top 10 gifts for food bloggers (not that I’m trying to drop a hint or anything)

My top 10 gifts for Food Bloggers (especially vegetable loving ones)

  1. Tea towels

Every food blogger needs tea towels so why not make them beautiful ones. I can’t stop staring at these. They’d make great additions to food photographs too.


     2. Funghi letter writing kit

You gotta love mushrooms. And a food blogger should have food related stationary right?


  1. Small garden organiser

I love this little organiser. It’s great for beginner gardeners as it contains all the handy bits you need to tie up and label your plants.


  1. Copper gardening tools

Stunning garden tools. Dig your vegetables up in style! Another great addition to make beautifully styled food photographs. Can’t wait till spring when I’ll use them in a photo shoot.


  1. Blackboard sticky labels

In September, Lyndsey and I foraged for haw berries and made ketchup. See the finished product with these cute labels below. Great for homemade gifts!


  1. Seasonal grow box

A fantastic gift for someone who wants to grow their own food and who lives in the city. Such a pretty little box of goodies and the box is biodegradable too.


  1. Wooden Punnet

Lovely little wooden boxes, great for food styling and making your ingredients look pretty in the kitchen.


  1. Vegetable wrapping paper

Ermmm this might be my favourite wrapping paper ever! Can someone please wrap me a present in this, pretty please?


   9Garden trug

Well, does it get much cuter than this! This trusty trug has been on many a foraging expedition. It’s perfect size means it’s easy to carry and even better to photograph.


  1. Watermelon pendant

The perfect necklace for a food blogger. A bright, beautiful slice of juicy watermelon to be worn around your neck. Yes please.






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