What Vegans Eat


This week’s edition comes from photographer Phil Bedford. See his food diary below…

 phil-what-vegans-eatName: Philip Bedford
Age: 30
Occupation: Photographer
Vegan Since: Vegetarian since 2013 – Vegan since January 2016


This week has been a mixed bag. I teach at the Friends Centre and am generally out on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays doing this and other bits. On Thursdays and Fridays I tend to work from home and edit photos, catch up on my business admin and shoot landscapes, commercial work or other odd jobs. We went away for the weekend for a couple of days to the Lake District and had some food at our holiday cottage, picnics out and dinner at a hotel on Friday night.

Day 1 / 18/4/16

Breakfast: Fruit n’ Fibre cereal with soya milk and some toast with vitalite and peanut butter

Lunch: Chickpea and spinach soup (tinned soup from Sainsburys)

Dinner: Avocado, sweet potato & hummus salad

Snacks: Choc chip hobnobs, Cofresh jalapeno potato grills


Day 2 / 19/4/16

Breakfast: Muesli with soya milk and some toast with marmite

Lunch: Tofu sandwich with lettuce, tomato, vegan mayo and ketchup, jalapeno crisps on the side

Dinner: Vegan chilli with rice and tortillas

Snacks: Vegan fudge, choc chip hobnobs



Day 3 / 20/4 /16

Breakfast: Sainsburys cereal bars

Lunch: Tofu sandwich with paprika and soy sauce Infinity Foods tofu sausage and onion sandwich, lentil crisps and an apple

Dinner: Frys flaxseed and soybean Schnitzels, chips and beans

Snacks: M&S Veggie Colin the Caterpillar gummie sweets, chilli & lemon potato grills, cashew nuts



Day 4 / 21/4/16

 Breakfast: Fruit n’ Fibre with soya milk

Lunch: Cashew nut, mushroom and beansprout stir fry

Dinner: Chickpea, sweet potato, kale and broccoli bowl

Snacks: Gingernut biscuits



Day 5 / 22/4/16

Breakfast: Linda McCartney sausage sandwich with ketchup

Lunch: Leftover chickpea, sweet potato, kale and broccoli bowl.

Dinner: Dinner out – antipasti starter, cauliflower and chickpea curry main, sorbet dessert

Snacks: Sesame snaps, apple



Day 6 / 23/4/16

Breakfast: Vegan English breakfast, sausages, kale, mushrooms and beans

Lunch: Tofu sandwich with paprika and soy sauce

Dinner: COOK Thai yellow curry with coconut rice

Snacks: Bourbon biscuits



Day 7 24/4/16

Breakfast: Toast with strawberry jam

Lunch: Cauldron Indian koftas, hummus

Dinner: Broccoli Pasta with chilli, garlic and flaked almonds

Snacks: Salt & Pepper crisps, frazzles, banana


Thanks Phil! Love the look of those bowls 🙂 Will be trying that out.  Next up we have garden extraordinaire Lyndsey Haskell from What You Sow fame. See you next time…


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