Let’s go on a Summer holiday – Croatia


With all this gloomy weather we’re having and the January blues in full swing, I’ve turned my mind to reminiscing about my Summer holiday last year.

We went to Dubrovnik. It was hot. I’d like to be transported back there now. Please.



Island hopping




Freshly gutted fish roe

I fell a little bit in love whilst in Croatia, not with what you’d usually think a Summer romance would entail, a tanned, handsome man with a nice accent (sorry Murray) but instead it was with a restaurant.

We discovered it through our trusty stead that we take with us on every holiday – the lonely planet guide.  Down a back alley with no chalkboards in sight we entered the front door of Lucin Kantun restaurant, which felt more like entering someone’s home. Set out in a similar way to a well-designed space conscience flat, we looked onto an open plan kitchen with a couple of young chefs behind the work surface. They were cooking up tonight’s menu and that’s when I knew this was my kind of place.



Croatian mezze was in order. We all decided we would share a selection of small plates, with Murray’s younger brother making the final decisions on our evening feast. I was glad I didn’t have to make the choice. I had high hopes for the food prepared in this tiny kitchen and when the plates came out they really didn’t disappoint.

Whilst speaking to the owner we discovered the head chef was the young woman behind the counter. I felt myself becoming a bit of a fan girl. By the time dessert had been served, a beautiful homemade creme caramel, I knew I wanted to thank her personally. So like a nervous groupie I went and stood next to the kitchen until she saw me, then I blushingly told her how delicious her food was, she seemed nervous too and nodded her head with a smile.


What we ate –


Fish Pate

Aubergine mousse



Octopus salad

Spinach and feta parcels

Beef carpaccio

Squid stuffed with mushroom, ham and cheese

Black risotto with cuttlefish

Lamb with lavender and honey

Smoked salmon, zucchini and caviar

I hope one day soon I’ll be able to serve up dishes that delight in a setting that feels like home – my Puglian pop-up awaits… In the meantime here is a Croatian cat next to some capers – dream combo.


3 responses to “Let’s go on a Summer holiday – Croatia

  1. Love the pictures and the dream combo of capers and cat! Definitely want to get some sun this year X

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