Murray Me Cakes


I am pleased to officially announce an exciting new business venture for Mangia Bene. I will be working with the lovely Natalie of MurrayMe to help bake delicious goodies for weddings and birthdays or in fact any kind of celebration.

Nat has been a designer for 8 years and started up her own business, MurrayMe, when she realised how much she enjoyed designing the wedding stationary for her own wedding. She is a very talented illustrator and uses those amazing drawing skills to hand-paint onto cakes. And that’s where I come in… I will bake any cake you require for your wedding or any kind of celebration where you’d like to have a beautifully bespoke edible creation taking center stage. After it has been baked, iced and stacked I hand it over to Nat, which is where the real magic happens.  Here are some examples.

MurrayMe-Peach-Gold-Roses-Wedding-Cake - mangiabeneblog



We were recently asked to bake and hand-paint a cake for Cath Kidston to help celebrate the 20th anniversary of her business.


And if any of you were wondering, I didn’t have anything to do with choosing the name MurrayMe. It just so happens that Nat and I both have a Murray in our lives, mine is a man and hers a cat.

If you would like more information or a quote of any kind then pop over to Nat’s website

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