Great Taste Gelato


At the beginning of this year I started my new job as Gelato Chef at Gelato Gusto in the North Laines, Brighton. Being a lifelong fan of gelato I couldn’t of wished for a better title.

During the first few months of finding my feet, my boss informed me we were going to enter into the Great Taste awards. As well as entering a few of our well-known flavours I had the chance to come up with my own creation. Much to my co-workers hesitation I started to develop a Black Truffle and Honey Gelato. A few unbalanced misses later, I eventually managed to get a balance of truffle and honey that I was happy with. I loved it, but it was quite an unusual taste so I was unsure if people would like it.


A few months later we had a phone call from Great Taste HQ. The Black Truffle and Honey Gelato had been awarded 3 Stars! I let out a bit of a scream. I couldn’t quite believe that out of 10,000 entries my gelato had been whittled down to the top 153 food products in the UK, judged by over 400 food professionals.


Since the Great Taste award winners were made public, lots of people have asked where I got my inspiration from for this gelato. And when I thought about it, without wanting to sound mega-cheesy, it was my Dad. He has always had an interest in mushrooms, which actually, when I come to think of it, many Italian men do. Some of my fondest childhood memories were spent with my Dad foraging for mushrooms in the deep-green German forests of Hessen, where I grew up. Flash-forward to my early twenties and my Dad was still talking about mushrooms. Murray’s first introduction to my Dad was at our restaurant in Frankfurt. It was truffle season. Uh-oh. I knew what this meant. With every course (and there were lots) an offering of freshly grated truffle was made. I have to say at this point I wasn’t an avid fan of the truffle. I found the taste too heavy. I kindly passed, but Murray on the other hand, probably trying to impress, said yes to every offer.


Black Truffle and Honey Gelato (top centre) at the Speciality Fine Food Fair, Olympia

It’s been a very enjoyable experience being a part of the Great Taste awards 2014. Last week we were invited to the awards ceremony in London, where we enjoyed a four-course meal of exquisite Great Taste award winning food – even the salt on the table had won an award and it was delicious!


Gelato Gusto won three awards in total.

Black Truffle and Honey Gelato * * *

Lychee and Rose Sorbetto * *

Pear and Parmesan Sorbetto *

The three winning flavours are available at Gelato Gusto 2 Gardner Street, Brighton, BN1 1UP. We make our Gelato and Sorbetto daily above the shop. If one of these flavours is not available when you visit, it means it has sold out and another freshly made one should be on it’s way.


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