(Out of the Kitchen) Thoughts, loves and likes


*When I was visiting Bath a few weeks ago I went to one of my favourite book shops and found this AMAZING cookbook on Puglia. 

*I wish I could apply to this! Rachel Khoo is looking for an intern for this July and August. I’m hoping she does another one in the winter months so I can apply to it 🙂

*Went to check out the new pizza place in Brighton – NuPosto (meaning New Place). Authentic Neapolitan pizza’s and our gelato is on the menu!

*My friend Lyndsey introduced me to her friend Lara who was visiting from Glasgow. She has a beautiful blog! Check out her Brighton guide that she made after her visit to the city. Gelato Gusto features!

**General Election Alert** I’m not a fan of negative press so here’s something positive – General election 2015 makes more Woman MPs than ever before! Woohoo!

*Loving this Hemsley + Hemsley recipe for Cauliflower tabbouleh. It’s absolutely delicious! (As a vegetarian, I replaced the meatballs with falafel)

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