What Vegans Eat


This 2nd edition of What Vegans Eat is by Christina from paperbagblog. See what she ate in her food diary below. See you in January for the next edition!


Name: Christna Wilmowski

Age: 30

Occupation: Digital Marketing Manager, freelance writer and blogger

Vegan since: August 2005



Day 1 / 14th December 

Breakfast: Nothing
Lunch: Marmite and Daiya cheese toastie
Dinner: Creamy ‘chicken’, leek & mushroom pie, mashed potato and broccoli. Apple strudel with Swedish Glacé ice cream
Snacks: Soya hot chocolate from Cafe Nero, Moo Free advent calendar chocolate, red wine, coffee

Day 2 / 15th December

Breakfast: Nothing
Lunch/Dinner: Pizza from Pizzaface
Snacks: Advent calendar chocolate, coffee, Pepsi Max

Day 3 / 16th December 

Breakfast: Dried fruit + nuts
Lunch: Miso soup
Dinner: Nothing
Snacks: Coffee

Day 4 / 16th December

Breakfast: 5-grain porridge from Pret
Lunch: Bag of Popchips
Dinner: 3-course Christmas meal at Coggings&co: hummus, bread and olives, burger and chips, sorbet

Snacks: Coffee, cocktails, red wine


Day 5 / 17th December 

Breakfast: Flapjack from my Graze box
Lunch: Fig bruschetta and fennel, clementine & beetroot salad at local pub
Dinner: Falafel wrap
Snacks: Coffee, beer, Tuaca crumble cocktail, Prosecco

Day 6 / 18th December

Breakfast: Jus-Rol croissants
Lunch: Pepper sticks and hummus, pretzels, Pringles and pistachios
Dinner: Olives, chips

Snacks: Coffee, advent calendar chocolate, red wine


Day 7 / 19th December 

Breakfast: Scrambled tofu on oak smoked sourdough bread with ‘bacon’
Lunch: Nothing
Dinner: Lasagne with rocket, watercress & spinach salad with balsamic syrup dressing
Snacks: Orange juice, coffee, pringles, gingerbread cookies, red wine


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