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We’re heading over to Morocco for this week’s edition of What Vegans Eat. Now I REALLY want to visit Morocco – as soon as possible! Over to Harriet for her Vegan food diary…

‘What Vegans Eat’ when in Essaouira Morocco and Marrakech? Amazing food- great for Vegans! The fruit and veg is plentiful and there’s so much variety. The markets are full with the most delicious dates, fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts, vegetables. If you buy local produce it has incredible flavour. I’m crazy for the oranges which grow everywhere.

In Essaouira there are plenty Vegetarian and Vegan restaurants. Non-Vegetarian restaurants serve vegetable tagine or couscous which are Vegan by default. If you’re with someone who speaks the language as I’m lucky enough to be then you can order a custom dish.

So I’m visiting for 18 days and I’m eating most of my meals at Othman’s restaurant. (see below)

mega-loft-morocco It’s beautifully designed, you can’t beat the atmosphere and the chefs are amazing. We drink fresh juice every day. This time my favourite is carrot, orange and ginger- extra fiery. Also ‘Go Green’ (cucumber, mint, lemon, ginger) and occasionally straight beetroot. Sometimes I just crave beetroot.

As a general rule I’m sugar and gluten free. But if I’m travelling I’m not so strict. I drink lots of water every day. Between 3 and 6 litres. Lots of fresh juice everyday- usually green when I’m at home in the UK.



Name: Harriet Harmer

Age: 29

Occupation: Photographer

Vegan Since: April 2015



Day 1/11th January

Breakfast: Handful of dates, almonds, walnuts, 2 oranges.

Lunch: My friend Maya cooked for me at her house. Traditional Moroccan food for everyone non-vegan. Loads of salad, cooked vegetables and cinnamon oranges for me and Maya. Beautiful.

Dinner: Fresh carrot, orange & ginger juice. Vegetable tagine including aubergines, chickpeas, and some veg I can’t name.

‘Flowers’ tea. This is great if you feel any kind of sickness. It’s a mix of spices, star anise, cardamom pods, pale pink flower buds. It looks beautiful. Locals call it Thé Royalé I think?! Dates for dessert.

orange-moroccoDay 2/ 12th January:

Breakfast: Fresh Go Green juice. Cooked mixed vegetables seasoned with argan oil.

Lunch at the beach: Moroccan fresh mint tea. I found sweet peas in pods at the market. I popped a 1/4 kilo for lunch. 3 oranges.

Dinner: @Triskala. One of my favourite places to eat in Essaouira. Falafel plate- with tahini, aubergine paté, and 5 portions of different cooked veg and salad. Homemade spiced bread.

Fresh carrot, orange and ginger juice.


Day 3/13th January

Today we drive to Marrakech, so early breakfast at Yoo. Love this place.

Breakfast: Fresh spinach, cucumber and fennel green juice. Big jar of salad with hummus and guacamole.

Lunch: Cooked veg salad. Fresh fruit salad. Moroccan fresh mint tea.

Dinner: @NOMAD Wow. The food was so good I ordered a second dinner whilst eating the first. Vegetable tagine including roasted fennel and some vegetables I’ve never seen before. Lentil and chickpea salad with avocado and olives. Fresh fruit for dessert.

juice-and-dips-moroccoDay 4/ 14th January:  

Breakfast: Moroccan fresh mint tea. Fruit salad with banana, almonds, pear, dates, walnuts and plums.

More mint tea and lots of water.

Dinner: Creamy vegetable soup. I think it was squash and carrot

Day 5/15th January

My last day in Morocco!

Breakfast: Fresh Carrot juice. Flowers tea. Beautiful vegetable tomato and avocado salad with balsamic dressing.

Lunch: Green bean and prune tagine at a tiny vegan restaurant. I was obsessed with this dish the last time I was here so I had to have it before leaving.

Dinner: More tagine! Tomato, sweet peppers, green olives. Fresh mixed juice.




Day 6/16th January

Lunch: A few of the sweet peas I took on the plane.

Dinner: I’m back in the UK so I seek out the closest Moroccan restaurant (on my road!) and go for falafel, hummus and tagine! It really eases the pain of being back in minus temperatures!

Day 7/17th January

Lunch: Cooked veg, broccoli, carrot, sweet potato, courgette dressed with roasted argan oil.

Flowers tea with medjool dates, brazil nuts, almonds.

Dinner: I ate out at Wagamamas- Coconut broth with veg, noodles and tofu.

For dessert I had a raw chocolate cake which was a gift from Kam Alive  Really tasty. His cashew caramel is well worth trying!

morocco-pictures-gridmorocco-pictures-gridI love being Vegan at home and away. If you’re ever unsure about travelling as a Vegan this is a great thing to have with you

Harriet x

Thanks Harriet, what and an amazing colourful edition of What Vegans Eat. Next up it’s the craft queen Amy Phipps from Super+Super! 

2 responses to “What Vegans Eat

  1. I am vegan and will be travelling to Morocco this summer. I’ll be going to Asilah, Fez, Meknes, and Chefchaouen. I know that there will be an abundance of fruit and nuts, but I worry about communicating my needs at a restaurant. Many websites have said that Moroccans cook veggie tagines or couscous with meat and may not understand why I want it without. Did you have this problem? Is it easy to check that a menu item is vegan? Thanks so much xx

    • Hi Liv, I’ve asked Harriet (who did the food diary) and she’s going to get back to you on it 🙂 thanks Gabriella x

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