What Vegans Eat


This week’s edition of What Vegans Eat comes from crafter extraordinaire Amy at Super+Super.  Based in Brighton for 3 years, the craft hub has now moved to Nottingham, which is where you’ll  find lots of amazing workshops and crafty events! See her food diary below…



Name: Amy Phipps

Age: 30

Occupation: Crafter and co creator of Super+Super

Vegan Since: 2013



I have been vegan for 3 years now and originally decided to do so because I had met a boy who was veggie and an aspiring vegan. He was/is quite an activist in his views of the food industry and compassion for all sentient beings. So after dating for a few months and learning lots about the industry I decided that it was all or nothing for me! I had read some heart breaking articles about farming and the effects meat and dairy production has on our environment and decided that I had to make the change. I wasn’t eating red meat at the time just fish. I have had a few health issues for years that went away once I changed to a plant based diet. I love cooking and so luckily for me trying new recipes and finding alternatives was a really fun project!

I never thought I’d be a person who felt sick at the thought of eating meat or walking through the supermarket and seeing all the flesh on display but, I most definitely am now!

I am always on the go, nipping out to meeting or working on projects or freelance work from home so have quite a good structure to my day! I always start the day at about 6.30am with a green or mint tea sitting on the sofa before anyone else is up… it’s so peaceful and a great focus for my working day ahead!

Working from home most days means I cook the majority of my meals from scratch or make sure there is always enough dinner leftover for several meals! I have just finished my 6th week of a sugar free diet and after a treat filled Christmas, I have really seen a difference. I no longer crave snacks or treaty treats in between meals and don’t just shove unhealthy (vegan) snacks in my face mindlessly! I can taste flavours more strongly and I’m really excited about all the new recipes I have found!

Day 1/ 25th January 

Breakfast: Overnight oats with coconut,chia and cinnamon

Lunch: Hummous, pitta and quinoa salad

Dinner: Tofu/portobello mushroom stack with homemade sourdough brushetta


Day 2/ 26th January 

Breakfast: Spicy sweet potato breakfast whip. A variation of the spicy carrot kate whip from the IQS cook book. It’s so delicious!

Lunch: Pitta, salad, hummous

Dinner- Coconut curry with squash, sweet potato and chickpeas. Served with quinoa and green beans

Day 3/ 27th January

Breakfast: Same breakfast whip – I make big batches of things for the fridge so I don’t have to think/worry about what to have every morning 🙂

Lunch: Left over curry with fried tofu

Dinner: Avocado on toast with vegan cheese


Day 4/ 28th January 

Breakfast: Cinnamon porridge with homemade sugar-free granola

Lunch: Butter beans + pesto, salad and hummous

Dinner: Pasta with beans and pesto, cavelo nero


Day 5/ 29th January 

Breakfast: Overnight oats with chia and coconut

Lunch: Roasted butternut squash with salad, seeds and hummous

Dinner: Cauliflower pizza with vegan quorn pieces and lots of veg, avo etc.



Day 6/ 30th January 

Breakfast: Avocado on toast

Lunch: Pack of oat cakes

Dinner: Left over pasta with salad

Day 7/ 31st January 

Breakfast: Breakfast whip (as before)

Lunch: Tofu, rice noodles, broccoli with ginger chilli and tamari

Dinner: Avocado on toast with salad

Snacks for the week: have included- oat cakes, nut butter and coconut bark (IQS cook book), slices of vegan cheese!


Thanks Amy! I am definetely going to try that breakfast whip! See you in a fortnight for the next edition…

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