What Vegans Eat


This weeks What Vegans Eats comes from 12 year old student Ben. It’s very inspiring! And that homemade fruit cake looks so good, I need the recipe! Over to Ben…



Name: Ben Parrish

Age: 12 (very nearly 13)

Occupation: Student

Vegan Since: October 2015




I have been vegan for nearly 5 months. I am a student and live with a family of 2 non-vegans. It’s definitely been hard but I’m managing. During the week I take lunch into school instead of buying the vomit-tasting food at school, which has about 1 vegan option of a fruit salad – which was most likely made a couple of months ago. At home my parents (who aren’t vegan) eat vegan dishes with me and my sister, who are vegan. I tend to eat as healthily as possible and I exercise a fair amount throughout the week after school. However, over the past week I have come down with a virus so have been eating a bit extra than usual and exercising less

Throughout term time I wake up at 5:30 and leave the house at about 7:45 to catch the bus. Over the course of the 2 hours I am awake for I will drink about 2 cups of green tea. One of my favourites is the berry boost by Tetley which really energises me for the day.

I apologise in advance if my week in food is quite boring – my motto is easy, transportable and filling!

Day 1/8th February

Breakfast: Porridge topped with sunflower seeds, raisins, cranberries and a drizzle of agave nectar

Snack: Handful of raisins, sunflower seeds and about 4 almonds

Lunch: My ‘Whatever is in the house’ Superfood Salad (See below), and a banana

Dinner: Cauliflower Tagine with Couscous


Day 2/9th February (Pancake Day!)

Breakfast: Wholemeal Pancakes topped with organic cocoa and hazelnut spread (So good I didn’t get a picture!)

Lunch: My superfood salad – again!

Snack: A slice of wholemeal toast with Vitalite and Marmite

Dinner: Lentil and Potato curry


Day 3/10th February

Breakfast: Mixed Fruit Museli with organic soya milk

Lunch: Homemade minestrone soup

*I had gone straight from dance class to watch my sisters gym and dance display so had to eat dinner in the car within 10 minutes*

Dinner: Whole Earth Peanut butter sandwich with a banana and a Nakd bar (Gingerbread – the best!)

Snack: A few cubes of dark chocolate


Day 4/11th February

Breakfast: Porridge with a banana, sunflower seeds and agave nectar

Lunch: Lentil and tomato soup with a banana and trail mix

Snack: Post workout out ‘Super greens’ Protein shake

Dinner: Vegetable Risotto

Dessert: Baked Bananas with Vanilla Booja Booja ice cream.


Day 5/12th February

Breakfast: Porridge with a spoon full of cocoa and hazelnut spread

Lunch: Carrot and coriander soup with a banana and some trail mix

Snack: Pumpkin ‘9 Bar’

Dinner: Pasta with a homemade pasta sauce

Day 6/13th February

Breakfast: ‘Supergreens’ Banana Protein Shake with a big bowl of fruit

Lunch: Flat bread with falafel, rocket and hummus

Dinner: Fry’s Mushroom Pies with sweet potato chips and broccoli


Day 7/14th February

Breakfast: Smoothie bowl topped with walnuts, desiccated coconut and banana

Lunch: Beans on toast

Snack: Slice of homemade, vegan fruit cake

Dinner: Linda McCartney sausages with baby corn and savoy cabbage


My ‘Whatever is in the house’ Superfood salad

Very simple and easy, I added a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar to two tablespoons of olive oil and added about two handfuls of rocket to it and coated it all in the dressing. I then added some cooked quinoa and pearl barley and some chickpeas, cucumber, chilli and red onion as well as some chopped almonds. I also decided to add some curried mushrooms.



Thank you Ben. It’s so inspiring that you and your sister are Vegan even when your parents are not. It just goes to show that anyone can do it! The next edition of What Vegans Eat will be published on 29th February…

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  1. Very impressed with your homemade salads for lunch. It looks heathy and delicious.

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