What Vegans Eat


This edition of What Vegans Eat comes from Liv Kyte. Liv and I met last Summer and went vegan at around the same time (after watching Cowspiracy). She will be off travelling for a year in just a few weeks. Over to her and her food diary…


Name: Liv Kyte

Age: 25

Occupation: Unemployed as going travelling for a year.

Vegan Since: September 2015




I like to eat a LOT of veg and greens, which seem to have lacked in my post. I can only put this down to the fact that it’s quite an unusual week as I’m living at my boyfriend’s parent’s house for two weeks before we leave for travelling. This means I am being cooked for/eating out a lot more than normal! Coming from Brighton originally we are totally spoilt for choice, but this week has really shown me you really can be vegan anywhere.

Day 1 – 07/03/16

Breakfast – Marmite, avocado, garlic roasted cherry tomatoes (made in a big batch and kept in the fridge) garlicy spinach and mushrooms, mixed sprouts (homemade in a batch and kept in the fridge) toasted seeds (toasted in soya sauce in a big batch) on a toasted baguette with a spearmint and peppermint tea

Lunch – Dark soya hot choc and ‘Vegan Brekkie’ at The River House café in Frome

Dinner – All on Josh’s request! Fry’s ‘Golden Crumbed Schnitzels’, homemade potato chips, homemade mushy mint peas. ‘Vegan Peanut Butter Cup Pie’ (Minimalist Baker recipe)




Day 2 – 08/03/16

Breakfast – Marmite, avocado and mixed sprouts on toast. Homemade smoothie – Banana, peanut butter, soya milk, ground flaxseed (bought as linseed and milled – much cheaper!). Peppermint tea

Lunch – Brown rice stir fried with mushrooms, spinach, red pepper, smoked tofu and soya sauce

Dinner – Pearl barley risotto (pearl barley, mushrooms, leeks, tomatoes, garlic, stock, rosemary) and left over peanut butter cup pie!


Day 3 – 09/03/16 – unwell from vaccines so it was a lazy one food wise!

Breakfast – Marmite, avocado and mixed sprouts on toast. Homemade smoothie – Banana, blueberries, soya milk and ground flaxseed.

Lunch – Vegetable samosa with reggae reggae sauce

Mid afternoon snack – Cucumber sticks, hummus and a Linda McCartney sausage

Dinner – Leftover risotto, Alpro soya dark chocolate yoghurt




Day 4 – 10/03/16

Breakfast – Smoothie – banana, blueberries, soya milk, oats, ground flaxseed.

Snack – Homemade jam doughnut

Lunch with my dad– Toast with tahini, avocado, crispy tamari mushrooms and sweet chilli sauce at The Garden Café in Frome.

Dinner with friends– Ciabatta with olive oil and penne al’arabiatta at Prezzo.


Day 5 – 11/03/16

Breakfast – toast with Pure olive spread and marmite.

Lunch with Josh’s granny– Sweetcorn fritters and pad thai (fish sauce replaced with tamari on request) at Salathai in Bath.

Dinner – Wild garlic pesto spaghetti and rocket, Alpro soya dark choc yoghurt.



Day 6 – 12/03/16

Breakfast – missed it from sleeping in!

Lunch with sister – B.L.T with mayo and sweet potato fries and a cacao and mint milkshake at Café Kino in Bristol.

Dinner with my Nan, Dad and Sister – Starter of bruschetta with olive oil, cherry tomatoes and basil. Main of Spaghetti al pomodoro. Sides to share , grilled avocado with balsamic vinegar, zuchinni fries, and spinach, pine nut and sundried tomato salad.


Day 7 – 13/03/16

Breakfast – Avocado, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, Linda McCartney sausage on toast and orange juice.

Snack – mixed fruit salad

Lunch – Onion Bhaji wrap with mixed salad and chilli sauce from Chai Walla in Bath.

Dinner – Homemade nut roast, roasted carrots, garlic and shallots, roasted potatoes, cabbage and gravy.


Thanks Liv, that all looks so yummy! Good luck on your travels. The next edition will cover the Easter period, so come back to see what vegans eat at Easter! x


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