What Vegans Eat


This edition of What Vegans Eat comes from the lovely Molly. Molly and I met at Gelato Gusto last Summer when I was working as Gelato Chef and she had just started as manager. We hit it off straight away through our love of food and Bristol! Molly went from meat eater straight to being vegan, which I find very inspiring. Check out her food diary below…



Name: Molly Kyte

Age: 22

Occupation: Manager at Gelato Gusto

Vegan Since October 2015




I count myself lucky every day that I live in Brighton and how doing so has made my transition from meat eater to vegan so easy. I was a huge meat and dairy eater before turning vegan, but it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. It all started by watching Cowspiracy and a lecture by Gary Yourofsky. My sister Liv told me ‘you HAVE to watch this’, she knew that I wouldn’t be able to eat any animal products after opening my eyes to the impact that the animal farming industry has on the world. I was working with Gabs at the time who spurred me on and gave me so many tips. Who knew that a few months later we’d be starting our own plant-based Supper Club!

This week has been a pretty normal week for me, even though I may have had more treats than usual due to it being Easter. I absolutely love cooking and vegan cooking really isn’t very hard if you are willing to learn new cooking techniques. However I also love eating out. I really loved the taste of meat and dairy, and it’s been a real goal to find cruelty free alternatives that mock those flavours.

Day 1 / 21/03/16

Breakfast: Strawberry. banana, spinach, soya milk and yoghurt smoothie.

Lunch: ‘Making waves’ Vbites ‘tuna’, spinach, pepper and potatoes.

Dinner: Tomato pasta with courgette and mushrooms.

Snacks: Nakd bar, scoop of vegan pistachio gelato.


Day 2 / 22/03/16

Breakfast: Banana, strawberry soya milk and yoghurt smoothie.

Lunch: Masala falafel wrap with smoked tofu from ‘We ❤ Falafel’.

Dinner: Tofu Pad Thai.

Snacks: Scoop of Elderflower sorbet.


Day 3 / 23/03/16

Breakfast: Strawberry,  banana, spinach, soya yoghurt and milk smoothie.

Lunch: Humous sandwich and crisps.

Dinner: Clear noodle soup.

Snacks: Tasters from ‘Planted’ trial run. 


Day 4 / 24/03/16 

Breakfast: Vegan Breakfast from ‘Kensingtons’.

Lunch: None

Dinner: Spaghetti Bolognese. 

Snacks: Bar of dark chocolate.


Day 5 / 25/03/16

Breakfast: None.

Lunch: White bean purée, sundried tomato and olive sandwich from Flour Pot Bakery and crisps.

Dinner: Pizza with seitan, mushrooms and artichokes from Purezza.


Day 6 / 26/03/16

Breakfast: Nakd bar and banana.

Lunch: Veggie stir fry from food market.

Dinner: Bagel with vio life cheese.

Snacks: Vegan Ecuadorian dark chocolate gelato, iced americano.


Day 7 / 27/03/16

Breakfast: Linda McCartney sausages, beans, mushrooms and tomatoes.

Lunch: None.

Dinner: Roast dinner.

Snacks: Dark chocolate easter egg, Vegan wagon wheel.


Wow, I need to get that sandwich from the Flour Pot Bakery and vegan wagon wheels, OMG. Thanks Molly. Next up is Lola Robertson, a first year student at Edinburgh Uni. See you next time, Gab x

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