What Vegans Eat


Hello! A bit later than scheduled as I’ve had a super hectic week and haven’t had time to upload, but here is the next edition of What Vegans Eat. It comes from Maresa who runs Vegan Mum and Baby blog. Over to her…



Name: Maresa Bossano

Age: 42

Occupation: Co-ordinator of CSA Network UK and mother

Vegan: Since 1991



I became vegan what seems like a very long time ago when I was 18…about 24 years ago. I was vegetarian for about a year before that but as soon as I realised how milk and eggs were produced I gave them up too. At the time I went vegan there were no vegan alternatives in the shops, like cakes, cheese or ice cream so I have always had to learn to make everything myself.

I love cooking and have worked as a chef in vegetarian restaurants since I was 16. I also set up and ran my own vegan café Moose’s Kitchen for a couple of years but had to sell it when I had my baby. As well as being vegan I am also an environmentalist so I pretty much always buy organic ingredients if I can and also always try to eat local and organic vegetables and fruit in season if possible, so all my home made dishes below as made with vegetables from my veg box from a new local scheme Peapod Veg.

However, now that I am a single parent I find it much harder to cook and have to try to make really quick meals, as I can’t distract my babba for long! I also eat a lot more takeaways or convenience food than I used to, as sometimes I am just too tired to cook. But I do enjoy eating out too and it’s nice to try out new vegan places and support other eateries that are trying to do more vegan food.

I hate food waste so every meal I plan aims to use any ingredients I’ve got leftover, so sometimes I will end up eating similar meals a few days in a row. What else can I say about my diet – I love carbohydrates and I can’t survive without oatcakes! I don’t eat a lot of fruit as makes my stomach bloated. I eat a lot of snacks, but mainly healthy ones, especially when I’m premenstrual. I attempt not to eat too much sugar but sometimes fail, as there are so many treats around these days.

My babba eats the same as me, I don’t make any separate food for her but she won’t eat a lot of vegetables at the moment unless they are puréed in a soup or sauce. She, like me, loves carbohydrates so eats a lot of rice, oatcakes and pasta, and she also loves pulses and nuts. One of her favourite things to eat is soya yoghurt. I tend to eat salad dishes, which are mainly vegetable, when she is not with me, as I know she won’t eat a lot of them.

I have my own blog https://veganmumandbaby.wordpress.com/ where I write up reviews of restaurants we’ve visited and also recipes.

NB Unfortunately my mobile was stolen so I haven’t got a lot of photos of the food, so the ones here are mainly recycled.

Day 1 / 13th June

Breakfast: Sourdough toast with omega3 spread, Oatcakes

Lunch: Vegan paella with smoked tofu, broad beans, almonds, red pepper and artichoke hearts. Strawberries with mint with plain soya yoghurt

Dinner: Buckwheat noodles, with stir-fried lettuce, asparagus and soft tofu. Strawberry and banana purée with plain soya yoghurt

Snacks: Raisin cookie, Dark chocolate, Hazelnuts, Nasturtium leaves, Rice cakes


Day 2 / 14th June

Breakfast: Oatcakes, Cup of tea

Lunch: Leftover paella

Dinner: Spinach, courgette and tarragon soup and sourdough bread. Grilled peach with almonds and black pepper

Snacks: Rice cakes, Sunflower seeds, Lentil crisps, Sugar-free flapjack, Hot chocolate with almond milk, cinnamon and chilli flakes

Spinach soup

Day 3 / 15th June

Breakfast: Sourdough toast with sugar-free jam and peanut butter. Cup of tea

Lunch: Wholemeal spaghetti with tomato sauce with mushrooms, red pepper and artichoke hearts

Dinner: Spinach, potato and lentil curry with brown pilau rice

Snacks: Oatcakes, Raspberry and banana ice lolly, Dark chocolate, Dried apricots


Day 4  / 16th June

Breakfast: Muesli with oats, raisins, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flaked almonds, coconut, chia seeds and almond milk

Lunch: Beans on toast, with smoked tofu and grilled courgette

Dinner: Sweet corn cakes with chilli sauce, Gado gado with rice (Balinese night at The Stag pub) Banana and mango with plain soya yoghurt

Snacks: Oatcakes, Fresh peas


Day 5  / 17th June

Breakfast: Muesli (as above), Oatcakes, Hot chocolate with almond milk, cinnamon and chilli flakes.

Lunch: Raw courgette pad thai with smoked tofu, mango, red pepper, cucumber and spring onion with tahini sauce.

Dinner: Vegetable spring rolls, Tofu and vegetables in chilli black bean sauce with rice (From Chinese takeaway as I got back late after an art exhibition)

Snacks: Crisps, Peanuts (At art exhibition)

Day 6 / 18th June

Breakfast: Oatcakes

Lunch: Tortilla chips with black beans, salsa and guacamole and vegan cheese, Chocolate brownie (At Nicos vegan café)

Dinner: Leftover Chinese takeaway with added peas and spring onion (because I had to get ready to go out)

Snacks: Buckwheat crackers

Day 7 / 19th June

Breakfast: Vegan fried breakfast – sausage, beans, tomatoes, mushroom, hash brown, toast, Decaffeinated soya latte (At Eat@ café in Alexandra Park because I went out last night!)

Lunch: Pea, mint and lettuce soup (one of the best soups I’ve ever tasted) Vegan choc ice lolly

Dinner: Salad with boiled potatoes, broccoli and courgette and lettuce, red pepper, cucumber, spring onions, beansprouts and mango with tahini sauce (leftover from raw pad thai)

Snacks: Popcorn, Oatcakes

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