Out of the Kitchen – Thoughts, likes and loves


*Loving this TV show on BBC 2 – Pasticiotto feature in this episode!

*Very excited to say my email about Pizzica music was read out by Cerys on her Sunday morning show a few weeks back (40 mins in). The show had a Italian theme, well worth a listen to discover some beautiful Italian songs.

*If you’re like me and you’d like to make sure you’re using more and more cruelty-free vegan skincare and make-up products then try Arbonne. I hosted a pamper party for a group of my girlfriends to try out some of the products and they’re amazing!

*I wanted 2015 to be a year to learn more skills. I’ve taken up Italian class and joined a gardening group at the Garden house in Brighton.

*Blur are back. And if that wasn’t exciting enough look at the album cover. Blur + Icecream = dream combo

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