Vegfest Brighton 2016


So a whole week has gone by and I’m still dreaming about all the food from Vegfest. This was my first Vegfest as a vegan and it was a little overwhelming! From being used to only having one option (if that) at events or festivals to being able to eat EVERYTHING in the room, well…I think I’m a little out of practice. I used to be one of those annoying people that took forever to decide what to eat at restaurants, change my mind three times and then wish I’d had what the person opposite had. One of my favourite things about being vegan is that I don’t spend hours umming and arring over food choices and I’m much happier for it. That being said it’s obviously absolutely amazing having all that delicious plant based food in one room. I loved it and I’m planning on going to the Bristol one in May. I’ve had my practice run now so will be able to plan ahead for maximum food intake at the next one.


  1. Can cats be vegan talk

OK, you might laugh. Cats are carnivores, right? But when you hear Dr. Andrew Knight talk about his studies you quickly realise that a vegan diet for cats is completely feasible. ‘Normal’ meat based cat food contains things that cats wouldn’t naturally eat – cows, pigs, tuna etc (when is the last time you saw a cat hunt a cow?) Also meat based cat food has the relevant minerals and nutrients synthetically added to it in order for it to make it nutritionally viable for cats. So why not give your cat a nutritionally sound vegan alternative? More about it here

  1. Eden perfume

OMG. This was incredible. 100% cruelty free and paraben free perfume that smells EXACTLY like designer brands perfume only cheaper. I cannot wait to get down to their shop in Brighton and buy me some Jean Paul Gaultier.

  1. Vegusto

This was the first time I tried their products and their cheese blew me away. I’m not a big fan of ‘fake’ foods, but when I tried this cheese and it tasted like cheddar, I wanted a cheese and pickle sandwich there and then. The hotdog was incredible too!




  1. Vegan Life Mag

I’m an avid reader of this magazine and with the offer of a free goodie bag, I couldn’t resist signing up!


  1. Pana Chocolate

I’m a huge fan of Pana Chocolate’s instagram – it’s so beautiful! The mouthwatering desserts they put up are to die for and they’re chocolate doesn’t disappoint. It’s some of the best chocolate I’ve ever tried. My favourite was the Coconut and Goji Berry.

  1. Coconut Collaborative

I really love the branding of this company. And their yogurt is utterly delicious! It tastes like yoghurt only 100 times better. The rice pudding was amazing too. I’m so pleased I can get my hands on some at Infinity foods.



  1. Free from Italy

The guys on this stall were super friendly and their products tasted great too. I took them up on the offer of 7 items for £10. The gluten free gnocchi tastes amazing and goes perfectly well with the green pesto. I’ll definitely be buying their products again.


  1. Animal Equality

Animal Equality are doing a fantastic job at making the world a better place for animals. Their video footage showing an investigation into chicken hatcheries has recently gone viral, it’s a must watch for those of you who eat eggs (and chicken). Vegfest saw a preview of iAnimal – A virtual reality project that creates a 360 degree, immersive experience in which the viewer is transported inside factory farms and slaughterhouses.



  1. Vegan Food and Life – new magazine!

Discovered a new vegan food magazine! The creators of Free From Heaven are behind this new venture. The magazine is jam packed of plant-based recipes, expert interviews and advice. It’s aimed for both vegans and those that are interested in adopting a vegan diet. It’s so exciting that there is a growing market for plant based recipes!


  1. Baklava

Couldn’t leave Vegfest without trying some baklava and it was delicious!



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