What Vegans Eat


Posting this a bit later than planned! The December edition of What Vegans Eat comes from musician Josh Oliver. He did the diary over Christmas. Over to him!



Name: Josh Oliver

Age: 24

Occupation: Musician

Vegan Since: September 2015




This was Christmas week so I ate out a little bit more than I usually do and also ate a less healthy than I usually would. I am luck enough to not have any allergies, which means I find it pretty easy to eat out and also cook for myself at home. Being a musician it often means I work very weird hours, some weeks I will be working for 7 days or more and others I will have a whole month off. I love having time to cook at home and being able to get all the nutrients I need.

I became vegan a nearly 18 months ago, which was one of the best decisions of my life. My main reasons for this was environmental and health, however at a later stage I became naturally a lot more compassionate towards animals. I didn’t really eat much meat before and I also was off the majority of dairy so it made it a really easy transition.

Day 1 / Monday 19th December

Breakfast: Banana and berries smoothie (Banana, berries, spinach, flax seed and almond milk) and peanut butter bagel

Lunch: Vegan Döner wrap from What The Pitta.

Dinner: Tofu Burger and chips

Snacks: Soya yoghurt


Day 2 / Tuesday 20th December

Breakfast: Banana Smoothie (banana, Almond milk, Peanut butter and flax seed) and bagel with peanut butter

Lunch: Cous Cous with stir fried tempeh, broccoli, tomato and salad

Dinner: Pasta, dairy free pesto and mushrooms

Snacks: Soya yoghurt and cereal bar


Day 3 / Wednesday 21st December 2016

Breakfast: Banana smoothie (banana, almond milk, peanut butter and flax seed) and peanut butter bagel

Lunch: Avocado on toast with tomatoes, hummus, tempeh and sweet chili sauce

Dinner: Takeaway curry – Saag Aloo, Tarka Daal and Mushroom Rice (requested with no ghee butter

Snacks: Hummus chips


Day 4 / Thursday 22nd December

Breakfast: Avocado on toast with roasted garlic tomatoes and coconut water

Lunch: Nuts, crisps and snacks

Dinner: Curry

Snacks: None (apart from for lunch)


Day 5 / Friday 23rd December 

Breakfast: Avocado on toast

Lunch: Chips

Dinner: Rice, Lentils with a tomato dressing and soya sausage with fried onions

Snacks: Vegan liquorice

Day 6 / Saturday 24th December (Christmas eve)

Breakfast: Muesli with Almond milk and banana

Lunch: All day vegan breakfast from Boston Tea Party

Dinner: Stir fried rice with tofu and veg

Snacks: Crisps


Day 7 / Sunday 25th December

Breakfast: Cooked breakfast with vegan bacon, toast, avocado, tomatoes, mushrooms and bubble and squeak

Lunch/dinner: Tofurkey, nut roast, sprouts, cabbage with garlic, potatoes, carrots, parsnips and vegetable gravy. Eton mess with Oatly cream and berries (Meringue made from the brine of chickpeas instead of egg)

Snacks: Vegan cheese and crackers, crisps and nuts



Thanks Josh! Still need to try one of those kebabs 🙂 The next edition will be posted at the end of January and will feature a Veganuary participant!

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