What Vegans Eat


This edition of What Vegans Eat is a special Veganuary one! Travel specialist Ellie is completely new to the world of vegan food and has agreed to share her third week of Veganuary for What Vegans Eat. I was super excited when Ellie told me she was going vegan for January at Christmas time, we’ve been best friends since we were 11 and it was the best christmas present ever 🙂 Over to her…



Name: Ellie Marr

Age: 29

Occupation: Travel specialist for Regent Holidays (tour operator)

Vegan Since: Veganuary  



I’m taking part in Veganuary so I’m very new to the world of plant based eating. I decided to do this to challenge myself mainly and to see whether I felt any health benefits (I have an ongoing problem with my sinuses and ability to smell).

This was week 3 of Veganuary which was quite a normal week of working 9-5:30 and a weekend at home. Finding eating vegan ok during the week when I have a structured meal plan but struggling a little on the weekends when I like to be a bit more relaxed about what I eat.

Day 1 / 16 Jan

Breakfast: Banana, spinach, mango/pineapple and mixed berry smoothie with almond milk and chia seeds; porridge with berries and apple; earl grey with almond milk

Lunch: Pumpkin & lentil soup with Ryvita, hummus and avocado (made a big batch of this soup so it will feature heavily this week)

Dinner: Sweet potato, cannellini beans, mushrooms, avocado and tahini dressing with salad

Snacks: Eat Natural peanut protein bar; dark choc orange rice cakes


Day 2 / 17 Jan

Breakfast: Similar smoothie to yesterday (without spinach); same porridge; earl grey with almond milk

Lunch: Left over risotto from Sunday; asparagus, courgette and sundried tomato

Dinner: Tofu stir-fry with rice noodles

Snacks: Eat Natural maple syrup, pecan and peanut bar; banana; salt & vinegar fava beans



Day 3 / 18 Jan

Breakfast: Spinach, kale, mango & kiwi smoothie with almond milk; same porridge and tea

Lunch: More pumpkin & lentil soup with crusty roll

Dinner: Roasted veg and tomato pasta

Snacks: Eat Natural peanut protein bar; homemade choc orange bars (recipe by Hemsley and Hemsley)



Day 4 / 19 Jan

Breakfast: same as yesterday

Lunch: leftover pasta from night before and 2 pieces of veggie pizza without cheese (work ordered in pizza from pizza hut and that’s the best they could offer)

Dinner: Butternut squash, quinoa, spinach and cannellini bean stew

Snacks: Mixed nuts

Day 5 / 20 Jan

 Breakfast: Porridge with chocolate Oatly milk and berries

Lunch: Falafel salad box from Eat a Pitta in St Nicks, Bristol

Dinner: Potato curry with brown basmati rice, poppadum’s and lime pickle

Snacks: Pulsin cacao and matcha bar



Day 6 / 21 Jan

Breakfast: Banana and oat pancakes with maple syrup and blueberries

Lunch: Garlic flat bread, dips and butternut squash & sundried tomato salad from Boca Bar, Bristol

Dinner: Potato waffles with mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes

Snacks: Pulsin choc orange bar


Day 7 / 22 Jan

Breakfast: Marmite on toast

Lunch: Linda McCartney sausages, mash, broccoli and peas plus homemade vegan gravy (so good… better than normal!), apple and cherry crumble made with oats

Dinner: still full up from lunch so nothing

Snacks: Dark chocolate


I’ve found this experience a positive one but I’m not sure I’ll continue with the vegan lifestyle. I do think however that I’m going to eliminate milk from my diet (I actually prefer Earl Grey with almond/coconut milk now!) and I will have a different approach to food and perhaps only eat meat on weekends. I’ve enjoyed saving money, as well as the planet, so that’s another plus!


Well done Ellie! So happy that you now prefer almond milk in your tea! Positive vibes all the way xxx

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