Go to Green Juice


I have this green juice when I feel I’m coming down with a cold. It seems to do the trick as ‘touch wood’ I haven’t had one this year!

Now for my rant…

People seem to think juicing is faddy, annoying and expensive. To me it’s not about being ultra healthy, looking good or being part of the ‘so called’ clean eating craze… The long and short of it is that having a homemade juice every now and then makes you feel BLOODY amazing. And what’s so wrong about wanting to feel good? It also doesn’t have to be expensive. A big bag of carrots cost £1 in Sainsburys and they also just happen to be organic. Add some ginger and a few apples and you’re probably looking at £1 in total – for two people!

The likes of Deliciously Ella seem to be getting completely slated at the moment. Apparently she’s only where she is because of her looks. Come on ladies, why are we feeding into sexism like that? In my opinion she’s worked bloody hard to get where she is today and all whilst dealing with a life altering autoimmune disease. Should we not be celebrating hardworking women who look after themselves?

If having a juice or a smoothie as part of a plant-based diet is considered a fashion statement then in my opinion that’s great news! More people on plant based diets = less illness + less carbon footprint. It’s a win win.

Anyway see my juice recipe below,  its really yum. 







1          Cucumber

3          Apples

4          Celery stalks

½         Broccoli head

½         Big bunch of parsley

1 inch chunk of fresh ginger

Method – Serves 2

  1. Wash all the ingredients. If using non-organic ginger then peel, otherwise leave the skin on.
  2. Put in the juicer and juice.



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