Puglia Party Day 6 – Shakerato


It may not be Puglian, but the Shakerato is a drink I associate with Southern Italy. The perfect pick-me-up on a hot afternoon – ice-cold sugary espresso. After pranzo my Auntie gets out a plastic bottle full of espresso from the freezer, shakes it profusely, then pours it into a cup. She claims it’s far too caldo to drink a hot drink in the afternoon, and it definitely is all the way down there.




Ice cubes


  1. Make some espresso in a percolator. Allow to cool.
  2. Pour into a plastic bottle or cocktail shaker.
  3. Add a generous amount of crushed ice and a teaspoon of sugar (or more if you have a sweet tooth).
  4. Shake vigorously then pour into a glass. There should be a few inches of foam on top of the coffee.


TIP: You can at some booze to make it more exciting!

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