Puglia Party Day 12 – Trulli


One of the main attractions that pulls tourists into Puglia are the conical gnome-like houses named Trulli. With evidence showing these dry stone buildings date back to prehistoric times it’s no wonder that UNESCO has made the town of Alberobello, where more than 1500 Trulli reside, into a world heritage site.

The name Alberobello translates into beautiful trees, which is what the land was once covered in during its primitive age. The true origins of these dwellings seem to be a bit of a mystery, although it is said that they were built out of limestone in this particular way so they could be easily dismantled. This proved fruitful for residents – unruly householders could be dispossessed quickly and buildings could be taken down and moved on hastily when the King of Naples sent the taxman to collect money.

It’s not just Alberobello that has Trulli. There’s the nearby Ostuni, which spreads over three hills and boasts a beautiful Cathedral as its centerpiece. Ostuni is the end of the Trulli region and the start of the dry heat of Salento – My part of town!

Here are a few snaps from Murray and I’s last visit to Alberobello. Later that day, whilst at a service station on our way back to the UK , we realised it was our 4 year anniversary! We wished we treated ourselves to a romantic meal in a Trullo. Oh well, next time…







2 responses to “Puglia Party Day 12 – Trulli

  1. Hi Gabriella, love your article and photos about Alberobello. We would like to have some of your articles / recipes on our website. Please feel free to drop us an email if you are interested in sharing your stories 🙂 Thanks, Marco

    • Hi Marco, Thank you 🙂 That’s great, I would love to share some recipes and articles. I’ve just been on the Beautiful Puglia website. So pleased to see you and Roberta spreading the word about this amazing region! I’ll send you an email, Grazie.

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