Puglia Party Day 31- Top 10 Pugliese Produce


I can’t believe it. I reach day 31 of my Puglia Party without missing a single day and then on the last one I go ahead and do it. Oops. I do have a good excuse though, I was moving out my Dad and Brother in Bristol.

So here’s the last post of my Puglia party, a top ten list of Pugliese produce that I think is worth shouting about.  Apart from the sea urchins, everything is readily available in the UK, although you will have to grow your own chicory and make your own pasticiotto, friselle and panzerotti.

  1. Olive oil
  2. Primitivo
  3. Pasticiotto
  4. Burrata
  5. Tarelli
  6. Sea urchin
  7. Panzerotti
  8. Fava Bean
  9. Wild chicory
  10. Friselle

I would like to thank everyone for coming to my party. I hope you enjoyed it! A special thank you to all my lovely guest posters – Frankie and Giuseppe from mixing oil and water, Michelle Summerville from 3onthego, Murray Ballard, Lyndsey Haskell from What You Sow, and Beautiful Puglia.

My two competitions have extended for one week, so make sure you get in there for your chance to win some Rizzello olive oil and a bottle of wine from Puglia courtesy of Elwood wine merchants.  Click on the pictures below for more information.



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