Leeks and Cannellini Beans


You can’t get much simpler than this. Comforting, seasonal and ready in less than 15 minutes! For the past month you can bet that our veg box has included leeks. And I’m pleased. The first thing that springs to mind is leek and potato soup, right? But I think leeks get a bit of a hard time going straight into the blender. I love their texture especially when gently fried in olive oil.


Leeks deserve to have more of the limelight. They are packed full of vitamin K, great for healing wounds and keeping your bones healthy. The Ancient Romans believed that leeks strengthened your throat – perfect for all those people with lingering colds. Fingers crossed I haven’t had one this winter!?

This dish is great for a mid-week dinner as it takes a total of about 15 minutes -that’s from the chopping board to the table. Super speedy and filling.

I have it on it’s own, but you could serve it with some toasted garlic bread drizzled in olive oil. Mmm, I’m hungry now!





2          Cans cannellini beans

3          Leeks

2          Lemons (juiced)

Bunch of Parsley

Olive Oil

Salt and pepper


  1. Roughly slice the leeks and gently fry in a pan with some olive oil.
  2. Once leeks have cooked down a little add the lemon juice and cannellini beans. Let gently simmer for 10 minutes then season and stir through some roughly chopped parsley.


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